Having problems with one of our games? Have ideas for future improvements? Have questions about how things work in our games? Just want to tell us how much fun you're having?

Hit the links below to get help, answers and community involvement for any of our games! We have a small team but we really try to pay attention to what you tell us here so we can make our games even better!

For Vorp! support, please visit the official Vorp! support page at /support.

Going Nuts making you go nuts? Check out our official Going Nuts support site.

If you need help with Bounce the Bunny, visit our official Bounce the Bunny support site.

For Down the Hatch help, visit the Nom Productions forums.

If you're experiencing a glitch in one of our games, please let us know what kind of device you are using and what version of software is running on it when you have the problem! Thanks for playing!

If the above sites didn't help you, you can always reach out to us at