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What is Tech?

High ranking Commanders gain access to Technology, known more simply as "Tech". Tech allows you to customize the stats of any pilot's ship that you choose to fly during a match. Individual Tech mods grant slight statistical bonuses, such as faster cooldowns, increased maximum speed, bonus damage, etc. The higher your Commander rank, the more Tech slots you unlock and the more Tech you can equip.

There are countless ways to equip Tech, especially when combined with different upgrade strategies for different ships. Experiment to find good combinations that match your style of play the best.

Acquiring Tech

Tech is purchased with B! in packages of three from the Main Menu in Vorp. Each package will contain a random assortment of Tech mods. You can see all the Tech you currently own on the right side of your Tech tree panel in the Main Menu.

How Tech Works

A Commander equips individual Tech mods in the Tech tree slots by dragging and dropping them in the Vorp Main Menu before a match. The Tech tree is then activated slot by slot as you upgrade your chosen ship's loadouts during every subsequent match.

You do not receive the benefits of inactive slots until the corresponding loadout is upgraded to the same level as the Tech tree row. The "Ship" row in the Tech tree is always activated at the beginning of every match.

NOTE: Where you place a Tech mod in the tech tree does not change its effect, only when it activates. In other words, you can place a speed Tech or a damage Tech in the ship row or any loadout row, it does not have to relate to the slot at all.

For example: If you are Commander Rank 30, and you place a 1% Max Speed Tech module in every slot on your Tech Tree, you will receive a 10% Max Speed increase at the start of a match. This is because the 8 slots in the Ship row are always active, and 2 slots under Loadout 1 - Level 1 would be active at the beginning of a match.

When your ship hits level 2, and you spend one upgrade point on Loadout 2, the two Tech slots at Loadout 2 - Level 1 would then activate, increasing your Max Speed increase to 12%. By the end of the match, after you had fully upgraded every loadout, you would have a 30% Max Speed increase with all your Tech slots activated.