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What Is Coming Next for Vorp?

Here's just a sampling of the many things we're working on next. Keep an eye on the Release Notes for the very latest updates.

  • New Pilots and Ships

    • We'll regularly introduce new Pilots and Ships with radically different abilities, styles, and personalities. Make sure you understand the personality of the pilots to best understand how to use their ships.
  • Technology Slots (Tech)

    • Customize your Technology modules to boost your ship stats during a match and gain the advantage over the enemy!
  • Commander Operations (Ops)

    • Select two unique abilities that can be used with any pilot to turn the tide of battle to your favor!
  • Boosts

    • Earn Commander XP and B! at double speed!
  • New Achievements

    • Who doesn't like getting a pat on the back for achieving something awesome? More B! rewarding repeatable achievements for each session you play are in the works.
  • Level 0 Primary Loadouts

    • We are looking at adding functional level 0 versions of the primary Loadouts on all ships for game balance purposes.
  • Audio Taunts

    • Let your pilot's voice be heard! Automatically taunt your foes when you score a kill!
  • What Else?