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Xxggghhr'thulhu "The Unspeakable One" flying Xxggghhr'thulhu

  • Race: Ancient One
  • Favorite Food: Human in B! Sauce
  • Profile: This thing cannot be described, but it is sometimes called "the byzantium, velvety spawn of the stars", with "flabby claws" and an "offal floating head with writhing tentacles". One of the runts of the species of the Ancient Ones, Xxggghhr'thulhu stands (well, it's unclear if he/she/it is standing or sitting ever) a mere 9 meters with a mass of just over half a metric ton. Obviously, this puts Xxggghhr'thulhu pretty low on the social totem pole of ancient demonic aliens. Perhaps that's why Xxggghhr'thulhu has turned into a devout Pastafarian.
  • Quote: "Unglnu'nph k'lyeh r'wnglua hngilu'phth'n, l'yi? Rg'hlia k'gr. F'nath rg'hlia gr'rnua. --[I consume soul-energy for a living, okay? It's my job. Just shut up and let me do my job.]"
  • Role: An ancient demonic alien horror from the edge of space.


  • Firepower
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Energy
  • Difficulty


  • Shogg'spurt


    Ejects a fan of radioactive acidic poison that leaves a horrible burning effect on anything it touches

  • Storm of Horrors

    Storm of Horrors

    A bubbling storm of radioactive acidic poison that slows and damages anything in contact with it

  • Tekeli


    Causes temporary insanity to any living creature that directly views the gaze of Xxggghhr

  • Ancient's Presence

    Ancient's Presence

    Passive. Chaotic souls of the lost surround Xxggghhhr, unraveling the reality of whatever they touch.