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Rebecca Wittmann flying Dreadnaught

  • Race: Human
  • Favorite Food: MREs
  • Profile: If there's an epic battle raging in the universe you can bet Rebecca's in the thick of it – wielding her BFG and dropping nukes like candy at a parade. The Wittmann family hails from tank commander lineage more than a millennia long. From war heroes to cannon-toting psychopaths, they've all driven tanks. It's in their blood (aside from the radioactivity). After the collapse of the Galactic Federal Army she found herself in the mercenary market - she’ll work for anyone as long as she gets to blow junk up.
  • Quote: "Bada big BOOM!"
  • Role: The latest in heavy weapons, the Dreadnaught truly is the "Tank of Tomorrow."


  • Firepower
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Energy
  • Difficulty


  • BFG


    "Big Friggen Gun." Lots of damage with a slow fire rate.

  • Minigun


    A rapid-fire side-cannon that gains fire rate as it's leveled.

  • Pack Mines

    Pack Mines

    Deploys an array of mines that deter enemies from getting too close.

  • Tactical Nuke

    Tactical Nuke

    A giant missile that launches upward and strikes a painted target. It deals a lot of damage, but slows down the ship's speed and turn rate while firing.