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Dioz "Jones" Crosteau flying Craw

  • Race: Cephalali
  • Favorite Food: Sardines
  • Profile: Not too many aquatic life forms make the evolutionary journey to space travel. The Cephalali are one of the few. Dioz "Jones" Crosteau is a legendary pilot amongst his people, known for daring explorations and reckless adventure. With his suite of tools onboard the Craw, he efficiently dissects any alien species he comes across to further the advance of his homeworld's science. His real passion, however, lies in hunting the Xxggghhr'thulhu, which is rumored to have eaten over a dozen of his crew and family.
  • Quote: " If you're not against me, don't cross this line! If yes, do. "
  • Role: A nimble ship with shocking abilities.


  • Firepower
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Energy
  • Difficulty


  • Shock Lance

    Shock Lance

    Electric explosions cascade between lightning bolts

  • Ampnotics


    Close range charged arcs of stunning electricity

  • Kamehas


    Drilling claws seek out and shred nearby enemies

  • Slipstream


    Forms a stream that boosts allies' movement speed