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Follado Bokuvski flying Hirudo

  • Race: Space Vampire
  • Favorite Food: Human
  • Profile: Space Vampires. They never make for good company, especially not when piloting one of the most advanced ships in the universe kitted with more lethal payload than some races' entire planetary defense. Then again, the Hirudean race never cared much about etiquette. Their endless thirst for energy in all its forms makes them view the incredible variety of universal life as a lovely buffet. Follado Bokuvski is their highest ranking diplomat, carrying the official Hirudean message of hope far and wide: "We are the top of the food chain"
  • Quote: "The web of destiny carries your VORP and ATOMs back to the genesis of my lifeform."
  • Role: A closer that can do serious damage if it can stay tight on an enemy but needs to keep out of weapon firing arcs.


  • Firepower
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Energy
  • Difficulty


  • Shadow Circuit

    Shadow Circuit

    AoE that steals energy from enemies over time within a limited range and gives it to the firer.

  • Nectron Overload

    Nectron Overload

    Aura that inflicts significant damage to a random single enemy within range.

  • Insoulator


    A powerful shield that blocks all damage.

  • Thrustbleed


    Hampers rotational thrusters of targets hit by Shadow Circuit

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