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Commander Gideon flying Iron Wolf

  • Race: Grizzled Old Human
  • Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes
  • Profile: A hardened war veteran, Gideon regards alien life forms as little more than dangerous animals, obstacles in his missions to recover B! He will not think twice about exterminating any alien pilot--or anyone else for that matter--who gets in his way. He not only commands a devastating amount of ordnance on his ship, he has the resolve to use it.
  • Quote: "You crossed the line."
  • Role: Heavy offensive ship with a high degree of energy management.


  • Firepower
  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Energy
  • Difficulty


  • Packfire Rockets

    Packfire Rockets

    Rapid fire seeker missiles that hunt down and destroy nearby hostiles

  • Alpha Cannons

    Alpha Cannons

    Generates high intensity alpha-gamma pulses that penetrate any number of solid objects in their path. Massively expensive to fire

  • CLaW


    Centrifugal Laser Ward. Drops a sentry that rotates in place with a laser line that deals damage to enemies it strikes

  • Territory Defense

    Territory Defense

    An immobile shield emplacement that blocks all projectiles and improves regeneration.

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